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Dr. Bruce Hulscher Now Offers Patients Digital Dentistry

New technology creates natural-looking crowns, veneers and bridges in a dental visit

Dr. Hulscher is pleased to offer same-day crowns, bridges and veneers to qualifying patients. At the forefront of dental technology, Dr. Hulscher recently incorporated E4D Dentist System PlanScan into the treatment options available to patients. As a result, Dr. Hulscher can take a digital scan of the patients tooth and design and create a custom, permanent restoration in the dental office, all in a single appointment.

“We are so excited to bring this technology to our patients; the range of benefits we can now offer is more comprehensive and convenient,” said Dr. Hulscher. The E4d Dentist System PlanScan allows Dr. Hulscher to replace conventional impression methods followed by an uncomfortable waiting period. The clean, fast digital scan is obtained in a few minutes through a series of photographic images taken in the mouth.

The scanned information is the transferred to the design and customize the restoration to fit the patient’s unique characteristics, after which it is created in a milling unit right in the dental office.

The final results is a natural-looking restoration that beautifully fits the surrounding teeth, making the crown, veneer or filling virtually undetectable. “The elimination of impressions, temporaries, second appointments, and waiting for the permanent restoration revolutionizes the entire dental experience for the both dentist and the patient. Patients will love watching their new tooth come to life, as well as the convenience of same day dentistry,” said Dr. Hulscher. The E4D Dentist, PlanScan systems empowers dentists to treat their patients with dentistry that truly fits their lifestyles.

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